From GA to WY & Back: Off The Wall Fishing

The only objection to the trip of a lifetime is you!


What We Do

Rainbow Trout in Blue Ridge, GA

Walk-Wade Trips

Bass in North Georgia

Fly Fishing Lessons

Brown Trout in Wyoming

Float Trips

Trey with a cutthroat trout on a drift boat in Wyoming

Why You’ll Love Us

Trey genuinely loves people, the outdoors, and helping people connect to the outdoors. Whether it’s conversations about life, fishing strategies, dad jokes, the area, or anything else, he will keep you entertained in between bites. He has guided fishermen of all ages and walks of life and truly enjoys every bit of the fly fishing experience: from the truck to the river and back.

  • Professional
  • Knowledgeable
  • Funny
  • Genuinely invested
  • Client focused

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