Fly Fishing Lessons

Fly fishing does not have to be intimidating for beginners! With all the crazy lingo and equipment, no one would blame you for thinking twice about picking up this new hobby. Every angler knows deep down that there was always someone throughout their fly fishing journey who showed them a tip or trick along the way that may have elevated them to the next level.

Let Off The Wall Fishing be the first step in corrupting you for a lifetime spent on beautiful waters catching beautiful fish.

Our lessons will include casting basics specifically geared towards our tight waters in Appalachia. Additionally, we will include basic knots, fly names 101, presentations to fish, and setting the hook (especially with so many trees around).

These lessons are meant for you, which means we can focus on one aspect you would like to improve or we can start from scratch for the complete beginner. Duration as well can be customized to your desires. Whether it’s a one time all day/half day lesson or you would like to work out a weekly or monthly improvement program, we can do that! These lessons are the perfect gift for a spouse as well as an easy way to get the kids playing outside by learning a lifelong skill!


Half Day Lesson 4 hours per person $150.00

Full Day Lesson 8 hours (lunch included) per person $325.00

Monthly Improvement Program (scheduled lessons) – Call For Pricing

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