When Should I Come Fish in North Georgia?

“I’m glad it’s cold and raining because if I wasn’t glad, it would still be cold and raining!” If there was a dollar for every time I was asked, “when should I come fish in North Georgia” I would be ten pounds heavier and not a cent richer. I will explain later, but, in short,Continue reading “When Should I Come Fish in North Georgia?”

What Does Your Land Ethic Say About You?

The idea of having a land ethic was coined by Aldo Leopold in A Sand County Almanac. Given the theme of books that I have found myself in lately I have realized that It is mostly just us, modern Americans, who seem to lack this ethic. In short, a land ethic is our responsibility toContinue reading “What Does Your Land Ethic Say About You?”

What to Bring on A Guided Fly Fishing Trip

The famous question, bundled all in one honey hole just for you! Let’s assume that… Actually, we know what happens when you assume right? Starting from scratch, never heard of fishing, that’s you right now reading this post. What we are going to be doing will be outside, where the sun is, and also bugs,Continue reading “What to Bring on A Guided Fly Fishing Trip”